Minutes of Meeting of the 2nd meeting of the Executive Committee of Himachal Power
Engineers Association held on 28.11.2014
The second meeting of the executive committee of the HPEA was held at Officer’s Club,
Keleston under the chairmanship of Er. S. N. Upreti, President, HPEA on 28.11.2014. The list
of participants in the meeting is attached as Annex- A.
The meeting began with the president welcoming all the participants to the meeting, and
requesting them to ensure that the executive committee meetings are attended by all the
executive members so that meaningful discussions can be carried out in the meetings. With
these opening remarks, the agenda items were taken up for discussion:
a) Intimation regarding hosting of NIPEF meeting by HPEA: The General Secretary of
HPEA intimated the participants that HPEA had hosted the Federal Executive Meeting of
Northern India Power Engineers Federation on 16th November, 2014. The participants were
initiated that the expenditure for hosting the meeting was about Rs. One Lakh.
b) Grant of Grade pay Rs. 6850/- to AEs/AEEs after 4 years of service. : After due
deliberations it was decided that the matter would be taken up with the management of
HPSEB Ltd. once again within a week’s time, and it would be requested to expedite the
matter and set an approximate time frame for the matter.
c) The delay in Restoration of the post of Chief Engineer (SP), even after the
announcement of the Hon’ble Chief Minister during the 24th GBM of HPEA: It was felt by
the members present that timely action should have been taken by the Management of
HPSEBL on the Hon’ble Chief Minister’s announcement regarding the matter. After due
deliberations, it was decided to meet the management of HPSEBL on the matter and request
quick action. It is further pertinent to mention here that this matter involves restoration of
post and not creation of a new post.
d) Strengthening of HPPTCL: All members were of the opinion that strengthening of
HPPTCL was in the best interest of the Power sector of the State as well as Power Engineers
of the State. It was, therefore, decided to take up the matter with the managements of
HPPTCL and HPSEBL, and request them to ascertain the number of posts/staff required for
effective functioning of HPPTCL. Then, further steps should be undertaken to fill the posts
as soon as possible.
e) Participation in the Mass Demonstration & Rally at Jantar Mantar, New Delhi on 08th
December, 2014 in protest against the anti-people policies in Power Sector in India: It was
decided that as many Power Engineers of HP as possible should attend the rally as the
issues being raised in the rally were a matter of concern for Power Engineers across the
f) Delay in constitution of zonal bodies of HPEA: It was felt by the members present that it
was unfortunate that there had been such an inordinate delay in the constitution of the zonal
bodies. The General Secretary, HPEA, informed the participants that Zonal bodies had been
constituted in the Una, Solan, Shimla, Rampur, and Kangra zones. It was decided to request
all the other zones to constitute the zonal bodies by 15th December, 2014.
g) Request for change in revised DOFP, 2011 to accord sanction for deviation in quantity
to Sr. Executive Engineers in HPSEBL – issue raised by Er. N. R. Attri, Sr. Executive
Engineer, ES Division, HPSEB Ltd., Bijni, Mandi.: The matter was discussed in the
meeting and it was informed that this matter was already in the notice of the management of
HPSEBL and some action was being planned. It was decided to bring the issue to the notice
of the management again, and request for speedy resolution of the matter at the earliest.
h) Formation of committee for proposing change in syllabus and pattern for
Departmental Examination of Engineering officers of HPSEB Ltd.:
The following committee has been constituted for the matter and the members of the
committee are requested to look in to the matter and submit a draft white paper on the
matter at the earliest:
1. Er. Ram Prakash – Advisor
2. Er. Maneesh Mahajan – Chairman
3. Er. Rakesh Thakur – Member
4. Er. Pradeep Chauhan – Member
5. Er. Ajay Thakur – Member
i) Any other issues: In addition the agenda items the following issues were discussed in the
1) It was informed that several power Engineers, especially in the commercial wing of
HPSEBL, have not been provided proper seating facilities as per norms. It was decided that
the matter would be taken up with the management, and it would be requested to look into
the matter and ensure that the officers/power engineers in HPSEBL were being provided
seating arrangements as per norms.
2) The management would be requested to post an independent officer of Chief Engineer
level at FRGC at the earliest.
3) Er. Virender Kumar, Executive Member, HPEA had expressed his inability to attend the
meeting (via email) and had sent a few items for discussion in the meeting. These were also
considered and discussed in the meeting. The suggestions regarding the date of the meeting
before the 20th and on a Saturday were well taken, and would be considered whenever
possible. The matter regarding publication of HPEA diaries was discussed and it was felt by
the members that considering the present financial condition of HPEA, it would not be
prudent to publish the diaries at this time. However, if there was sufficient demand for the
same, the diaries could be published.
4) In order to ensure that meetings were attended by all the executive members of HPEA, a
resolution was passed to the effect that any executive member who shall not attend four
consecutive Executive Committee meetings shall cease to be a member of the Executive